Tips from wedding professionals


Tips from wedding professionals

Posted OnMay 8, 2017 0

Charleston Dj Entertainment suggested reading to enhance your reception!

1. The longer reception: The After Party’s were exciting in 2012, but they can be expensive and exhausting for a couple that’s been up since 6:00 am getting ready for the wedding. This year more couples are considering longer receptions, and forgoing the “after party”. And why not? If the venue authorizes you the time, you have the Dj on sight, and if the bar closes…adapt and improvise! (BYOB)

2. More entertainment: With a longer party you need more entertainment. Look for food trucks, photo booths, strolling magicians or dance instructors. to increase in popularity. Ask your Dj for help in locating these other vendors!

Other ideas for a more personal reception

3. Social Media: Those photo booths we mentioned? A lot of them will have instant social networking capabilities, letting your guests post their photos to Twitter and FB and Instagram. More couples will be creating hash tags and utilizing other apps to make their wedding “go viral.” Social media will also help you bring those who can’t make it to your wedding there. They won’t just have to watch a video later, they can use technology to join you. But, couples will need to think carefully about what they do and don’t want to share, and how to communicate that to their guests.

4. Unique 1st Dance Choices: Recent survey’s revealed that first dance song choices are diversifying. “At Last” is still incredibly popular, but more and more couples are looking for special songs just for them.

5. By Request Only: As couples are putting the focus of weddings back on guests, the Do Not Playlist is getting a second thought. More couples are allowing for the possibility that there are songs they don’t really want to hear, but that their guests may request and letting DJs and bands use their best judgement, creating a list that’s “Only play if people really want it” instead of “do not play.”

6. The Reception Lounge: Small, quiet spaces away from the dance floor are providing a welcome chance for guests to talk to each other. With comfy furniture and additional food the reception lounge area is a perfect place for a caricature artist to work, or it can also be home to the photo booth.

7. Pre-Wedding Parties: Pre-wedding parties aren’t anything new, but more couples are seeing them as full-fledged events in their own right and adding entertainment to them.

8. Meaningful Traditions: Although they aren’t dead, traditions like the bouquet toss and garter toss are definitely on their way out. Couples are replacing them with traditions that have meaning for them, like a brother-sister dance.

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