Some DJ companies offer packages that are preset, and limited. Here at Charleston DJ Entertainment, we allow clients to determine what they want to spend, in order to meet their needs. Our philosphy is simple: We offer you an affordable wedding reception base price, and you determine the accessories you want in order to fullfill your dream come true wedding day.

Charleston DJ Entertainment Pricing for 2017

Wedding Reception: $600 (minimum 4 hours) 

Wedding Reception Guide services are free

1. Pre booking interview
2. Personal event Planning and Consultation Time
A, We will visit the venue with you and
discuss details with you at the site (The Low Country area only)
3. Unlimited hours of Online and Telephone consulting
A. Our Wedding Reception Guide (a must have)
4. Arrive 1 ½ + hours for set up
5. Up to 4 hours of Professional Event Services
A, Interaction with guests
B. Social Hour music selections
C. Introductions
D. Specialty dances
E, Music upon request (Online Spotify Premium)
6. Multi-genre, clear and up to date digital music library
7. Custom event playlist (created in studio)
8. Professional Grade Wireless Microphones
9. BOSE L-1 sound system providing high quality sound (including)
A: Dbl bass
B. 24 speaker sound system 360 degrees)
C. Clean and professional appearance

Enhancement Accessories

10. A beautiful dance lighting package filling the room with motion and color $125 value for ($75) *

11. HAZE machine to enhance the lighting package $75 value for ($50) *

12. Bubble Machine for dance floor enhancement ($50)

13. A multi L E D. colored façade for effect ( $35 )

14. A personalized lazer cut gobo (special order required) ( $150 )                                       Colored Static Monogram (special order required)  ($175)                                                 Living Motion Monogram (special order required) ( $195)

15. 2 Colored spots for cake or other small highlighting requirements $100 value for ($50)

16. Ceremony 1 hour plus planning, creativity, lapel wireless mic for officiant and wireless mic w/stand for B & G….$150 *  (additional pricing is based on logistics to include special planning, extra equipment )

(All above items can be itemized and manipulated to suit the needs of each client’s desires) Most popular items marked with *

Travel outside a 50 mile radius from Beachgrass Lane in Summerville to the venue is an additional $1.15 per mile round trip. Lodging may also be required for events outside a 100 miles radius.