Planning the Wedding Reception


Planning the Wedding Reception


A wonderfully orchestrated wedding is not for the faint of heart. Most women plan their big day and dream about the Cinderella wedding reception from childhood. From the time they were a little girl, their plans have been in motion, with constant updating, tweaking and dreaming. Months and years may have gone into making her dreams a reality. When her big day finally arrives, you want to ensure that the planning reflects the anticipation of the past, and hopes for their future, with the perfect ambiance, food, entertainment, friends and family.

Avoid the wedding day blues with the following  3 tips

1. Don’t hire a wedding planner at the last minute.

Like a fine wine, wedding reception planning require time to perfect. Plan accordingly. Begin the research process early. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Don’t be afraid to compare. Find someone with real experience. Meet with several wedding planners and have a solid list of questions and demands and expectations ready to go for the interview. Try to find a wedding planner that meets or suits your personality. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with him or her – that time should be stress free.  A professional wedding planner can make your planning a lot easier if you can locate one early in the planning phase.

2. Budget properly for your professional wedding entertainment

Chalreston Dj Entertainment dance lightsThe old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than it is  concerning entertainment for a wedding. Professional entertainment is a must. There are 3 variances in entertainment quality, whether a band or a Dj. 1. Low end  2. mid range and 3. high end. It really depends on your budget and the quality of entertainment you desire. The national average for a mid range professional wedding entertainment provider is 8 to 10% of your total budget. (gratuities not included).  A band is certainly going to be a bit more expensive.

The proper music selections at the proper time is vital in creating the ambiance for each stage of the event. Charleston Dj Entertainment is known for their expertise in creating the atmosphere required. We are a high end company, with a mid range pricing guide.

3. Hire a DJ who can assist with the reception plans

A professional wedding DJ should have the expertise to assist you in preparing an itinerary, and walk you through the timeline from ceremony to the last dance and farewell. If you have a wedding planner, the Dj should follow their lead in the flow of the event. However, if you choose not to have a wedding planner, a great wedding Dj should be able to fill in the gaps, and create the flow simply by communicating with the Bride to be or the Mother of the Bride! ( or an unpaid family coordinator ) Communication is most important throughout the planning phase.

Katie and Chris BarkleyA wedding is about 2 people who fell in love and have now decided to become ONE. The planning can become a mental challenge, unless you have the right people in place, who are capable of taking it step by step and make it a successful event. That’s why it pays to hire qualified professionals to assist in planning the wedding reception you desire. Caterers, photographers, venue coordinators, florists and the entertainment provider have to all work together to make it happen. Your job is simply trust in their expertise and enjoy!

Written by Skip Barrus & Mark Vaughn

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